Yet another rationality blog…

Hi. You probably accidentally clicked the wrong link in a SSC comments section. (I won’t link to this blog extensively until I am satisfied with the quality of the writing)

The main focus of this blog will be on rationality and economics. By “rationality” I don’t mean “here are 9001 reasons why you shouldn’t believe in creationism, homeopathy, Holocaust denial, God, ghosts, aliens and that the distribution of the number of words in Obama’s speeches inevitably shows that we are all lizard people, but the truth has been covered up by the Illuminati (WAKE UP, SHEEPIE!).  I presume you are all smart enough to figure this out for yourselves. We will look at rationality that has actual “real life” applications, that is about “winning”, and trying to achieve accurate beliefs about the world.

This blog takes its name from this post by Scott Alexander. It is a very well thought-out piece that explains why solving coordination problems is vital, particularly with regards to (un)friendly AI. This blog will eventually deal with some of the implications of this.

This isn’t a real name blog, but if you want to call me by a name use the pseudoname Oscar WIlliams.